Delightful Tourist Attractions Of Kerala

A marvel called Kerala, a tourism center point of the nation is located between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, holds diversity in geographical features and societies can leave you dumbfounded. It is regarded as one of the best travel destination on the planet. Kerala is the beautiful place to appreciate green nature around you. The land of coconuts, stunning backwaters, alluring beaches makes the state the most favored tourism destination in India and attracts lakhs of tourists from all over world. Also Kerala tourism takes many steps in promoting Kerala as the most favored tourism destination in India. There are bunches of questions in the minds of traveler before coming here. Some individuals might want to base themselves on the beach however at the same time might want to do a boat tour for several days, whereas other gathering of individuals might like to have visit to one of the wildlife parks and also go up into the highlands or lakes.

Eravikulam National Park

A wide variety of flora and fauna is found in the Park including stripe-necked mongoose, Indian Muntjac, Nilgiri Langur, Leopard and tigers are the main predators here. Private vehicles are not allowed in the park. The best time to visit the park is between September to November and from April to June.

Mattupetty Dam

It is built in the mountain of Kerala. Mattupetty Dam is in idduki district near Munnar. It is a storage cement gravity dam built in the mountain of Kerala. The large amount of water allows the birds and animals to flourish in the environment. It acts as a force generator for Kerala. A ton of tourist gets attracted towards this place. It is one of the famous places in Kerala.

Anamudi Peak

It is the highest peak in the Western Ghats in India. Anaimudi is also the highest point in south India. You can experience a beautiful greenery view from the top of this peak. It acts as a home to some wild animals like Gaur, Asian elephants, Royal Bengal tiger and Nilgiri marten.


It is a small hill station about 5 km away from munnar. The lake is exceptionally famous for its sacredness additionally for mineral waters. Near the lake there is a waterfall pallivasal encompassed by thick green plantation and natural vegetation of slim red green trees.

Attukal Waterfalls

This waterfall is located in the middle of Munnar and palllivasalit is one of the best Places that you can take a gander at when you stay at munnar. This place is best suited for trekking and hiking yet gets to be exceptionally dangerous during the storms. Attukal is 9km away from munnar.


This waterfall is located in the middle of rnunnar and Rajarnala. It is a land a breathtaking waterfalls. The enchanting sound of birds make it an eminent picnic spot and it’s an exceptionally famous trekking point.

Nayamakad waterfall

It is about 10 km from Munnar on the way to Rajmala. It is a land of awesome waterfalls and comprises of wide variety of greenery. Nayamakad is an immaculate place for landscape photography. I am certain photographers will unquestionably love this place.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls

This waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala it is a great ecotourism tourist destination in Kerala. It is in the middle of Neriamangalam and Adimali. It is situated about 1000 feet above the sea level.

To get to Kerala however for your vacation you need to go online and fill the application forms available to get your Indian visas.

Kerala and its Exotic Backwaters

Kerala and its Exotic Backwaters

The amazing features of the state of Kerala are the natural gifts which allure the tourist from across the globe. The back water tourism as well as holidays in the state of Kerala widely entertains people from different parts of the country as well as globe. People visit Kerala mainly for their honeymoon. The visitors love the holidays in Kerala mainly due to the harmony of Peace as well as the striking tourist attractions which tempt the tourists opting for Honeymoon tour packages and Kerala tour packages.

There is an option of booking Alleppey houseboats also with the tour packages Kerala and the holiday packages Kerala. The couples can spend a night on the houseboat and enjoy the serene beauty of Allepy. Kerala also houses some of the most exotic beaches of the country which are situated on sandy south west. The adventurous people will enjoy the snorkeling, kayaking as well as parasailing on beaches. The wild life safaris add to fun.

Talking about the Kerala honeymoon packages, you will be offered various standards of the packages available. The best part is that each and every holiday package will offer you something different. Even the services included, the tourist attractions, etc in different packages are different. Also, you can ask for a personalized holiday package according to your budget. Also, you should make sure that you have covered all the major tourist attractions.
The backwater tour packages can also be customized according to your requirements. Thus you can choose any one of the many backwater tour packages, as per your convenience. But booking for houseboats in Kerala need to be done in advance to save you from last minute hassles. For Allepy houseboat booking, you can take help of your tour operator.

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Want to stay in a House Boat Take a Trip to Kerala

Want to stay in a house boat? Take a trip to Kerala!

Most of us must have watched the boat houses in the movies and many might have even thought of staying once. Though many thought so, there were only few who could actually do. Your craving for a stay in the boat house must have increased by day after day and now there is some good news for you. The state of Kerala is offering you many house boats to fulfill your wish of staying in one.

Contact your travel agent for the various back water tour packages. The backwater tour packages will include staying in a house boat in addition to visiting the famous places of the state. Staying in a house boat also offers you the same facilities like the hotel rooms. The house boats are well equipped with modern gadgets like the air conditioner, the telephone, the television etc. Care and necessary steps are taken so that the tourist is comfortable and does not have a chance to complain.

Staying in a house boat offers you a chance to stay in the nature. The place and the climate soothe your mind. It is free from every kind of irritating noise. The only sound that you can hear in such a place is that of leaves, birds and water. Alleppey is the place that is famous for house boats. You can contact your travel agent to know more about Alleppey houseboat booking. You can also do Alleppey houseboat booking online. It will save your time and energy.

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The Scenic and Majestic Beauty of Kerala

The Scenic and Majestic Beauty of Kerala

Kerala is the most beautiful state of the country. When it comes to the list of tourist destinations in India it always tops the list. Every year millions of tourists visit this place and experience its exotic beauty. It is very truly known as the God’s own country. Nature has bestowed its choicest gifts on Kerala. The hills, the beaches, the backwaters and everything else will leave you just spellbound.

The Kerala tour packages are becoming popular day by day by more and more tourists. People are now becoming aware of the potential of this beautiful state as a holiday destination. Located in the southern most part of the country, it is a perfect tourist destination. Like all other states of the country, this state also has its very own unique and different cuisines as well as culture. A tourist visiting this state may pick either the hill stations of munnar. The tree houses of Vythiri or the beaches of Thiruvananthapuram or Kannur. There are even choices for rejuvenating vacation in the Ayurvedic tourist resorts. For some people just gliding through the fields of paddy in the luxurious houseboats would be a royal experience. The backwater tour packages can also be customized according to your requirements. Thus you can choose any one of the many backwater tour packages, as per your convenience. But Allepy houseboat booking needs to be done in advance to save you from last minute hassles. For Allepy houseboat booking, you can take help of your tour operator.

Most of the visitors who visit Kerala prefer spending most of their times on the tree houses situated in the forests of Thekkedy or Vythiri. Spending some time alone on the tress is a very good experience and most of the visitors like doing just that during their trip to Kerala. It will be a very refreshing experience for you. The tour operator will give you different options of the guide safari in forests in the Open jeep if you like. All these tress houses are equipped with all the modern day amenities. They are also made up of the eco friendly materials. The materials are attained from the local residents and the local labor only is employed for building them. The power is sourced from gobar gas and solar power. The holidays in tree houses allow the visitors to feel the warmth of nature.

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The Most Exotic Experience of the Allepy Houseboats

The Most Exotic Experience of the Allepy Houseboats

There are a number of romantic and exotic honey-moon destinations in the country. Allepy is one such romantic and exotic honeymoon destination. It is located on the southern part of India in the state of Kerala. It enjoys a status, of being the most idealistic place and also the most sought-after honeymoon destination in India. It’s not just a famous tourist destination but also a very exotic location for honeymoon. People also call Allepy as the Venice of the Eastern India. The town of Allepy if quite popular for the natural beauty and the man-made canals, the channels of back waters, sea food, lakes, beaches, the waters lagoons, etc. It provides the couples the perfect ambience for enjoying their honeymoon vacations in the most Romantic place of the country. It will definitely make your tour unforgettable.

The backwater tour packages offer you cruises provide the best romantic honey-moon vacation for the newly wedded couples. These Allepy houseboats are a very good type of the accommodation to experience beauty of Kerala an also for absorbing the picturesque scenes while you are on the go. The Houseboats are constructed with wood. Initially an Allepy houseboats was used for carrying goods from one place to another, specifically from the interiors of the towns as well as villages. Now, the Allepy houseboats is now a major attraction for tourists in the state of Kerala.

It is popularly called the Kettuvallams. The Allepy houseboats has found its existence, since decades back. Earlier it was used to carry spices as well as rice, from one place to another. Now these houseboats attract a large number of tourists.

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Boat House in Kerala

The Gem of Kerala-The Houseboats

The beauty of Kerala is just spell bounding. You must have definitely heard about the majestic beauty of Kerala. Main means of livelihood of people in Kerala is tourism only. In the past few decades Kerala has flourished a lot due to the share of tourism it gets.

Kerala is a very beautiful state which has never failed to impress its visitors. This state is truly an attraction for the visitors coming from across the world.

The back waters in the state of Kerala are a unique phenomenon. It’s a network of manmade and the natural canal as well as inlets.  Houseboats of Kerala are the best tourist attractions. They entice the tourists from across the world. The Kerala India tours are totally incomplete without a houseboat ride and stay. Historically the rice and spices used to be transported from the fields of paddy to nearest ports at Kochi. The houseboats are not made with nails at all. But out of all the places in Kerala the most sought after tourist attraction are then houseboats of Allepy.

The Alleppey houseboats give you an exotic experience of a ride across the backwaters of Kerala. A boat house in Kerala has exclusive features. The houseboats have a thatched roof on the hulls made of wood. The material which is used in the making of the houseboat is locally imported and also eco-friendly. Kumarakom is the most beautiful place for reaming around in a houseboat. Houseboat comes in a single story to 2 stories version having one, two, three or four bedrooms. They offer space to sleep, dine, and sit in the open.

The backwaters houseboats are the main attraction for the tourist and thus they are always booked. There must be some hundred houseboats in the area and all are booked especially during the peak season.

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House Boat Booking in Kerala

Staying in a House Boat- Is it worth it?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word house boat? Often a movie scene which involved a house boat flashes in front of your eyes. Isn’t it? Why should you dream about others when you can visualize yourself? Take a tour to Kerala and let yourself think about the days you spend in the house boats.

The travel agents have numerous house boat tour packages for the tourists. There are house boats according to your needs. If you are the only one to stay in the house boat, you can book a single bed boat house in Kerala. If you are travelling with your family, a seven bed house boat would be sufficed. The charge of the stay in boat house in Kerala is quite reasonable. The boat house in Kerala is upgraded with modern gadgets. Every house boat has a television set, a telephone, air conditioner etc. for the comfort of the tourist. Care is being taken so that no complaints from the tourists are received.

You can also do your house boat booking in Kerala over the internet. There is a lot of demand for the house boats in Kerala. Hence doing the house boat booking in Kerala online would be advantageous. House boats in Kerala depict a very natural environment. The climate is very peaceful and refreshing. It serves as a great inspiration for the poets and the writers. Often, the writers and poets search such place for doing some serious writing and end up in Kerala. The environment over here motivates them to write better, they feel.

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House Boats The New Tourist Attraction of Kerala

House Boats The New Tourist Attraction of Kerala

Ever experienced a stay in house boat? You must have seen them in many movies. Well, you have a chance now. There are many house boats in Kerala waiting for your arrival. Yours once upon a time fantasy will come true if you plan a trip to Kerala this vacation.

The house boats in Kerala have turned out to be the greatest tourist attraction. The travel agents offer you numerous backwater tour packages. You can select the one which pleases you. Do not worry about the rate of the backwater tour packages. It is quite reasonable. You can book a boat house in Kerala for your stay in the state. There are different packages that offer you stay in the house boats. It ranges from one bed to seven beds. In case you are travelling with your family, the seven bed boat house will work greatly. The services that are offered in the boat houses in Kerala are the same as that offered in the hotels. There is a television, telephone and other gadgets for the service of the tourists.

You will not stop devouring over the food that is available at the Kerala hotels. The food is being prepared meticulously with much devotion and patience. It tastes awesome. The perfect, pollution free environment is a benefit. You will always miss the sunset that you experienced on the beaches of Kerala.

Log on to the internet to find out the list of different backwater tour packages to Kerala now. Booking a boat house in Kerala is also possible on the internet now a days as the world is rapidly adapting itself with the modern technology. In case you want to know more about the Kerala state, you can check on the internet.

The Exotic Houseboat Rides in the State of Kerala

The Exotic Houseboat Rides in the State of Kerala

you must have definitely heard about the majestic beauty of Kerala. The scenic beauty, the humongous hills and the exotic backwaters are the treasure of Kerala. The main means of livelihood of people in Kerala is tourism only. Houseboats in Kerala are a common phenomenon. Everywhere you will see houseboats. The Kerala houseboat tour is a fun filled ride which takes you through the backwaters of Kerala.

The Kumarakom village is said to be a collective village of little different islands. It is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the village of Kottayam and 80 kilometers from Koch. It is situated in the lake of Vembanad. It has been bestowed with the specialties of Kerala. It is a typical village of Kerala which is situated on the banks of the backwaters- Coconut groves, fields of paddy, folks fishing, greenery, water-lilies and much more. Amalgam of the beauty cannot be defined in words. A trip in the houseboat across the interiors f Kumarakom village is an ultimate experience. People can even take a toddy which is a very light beverage found only in Kerala. It can be bought from the toddy tapper.

Kumarakom is the most beautiful place for reaming around in a houseboat. Houseboat comes in a single story to two stories version having one, two, three or four bedrooms. They offer space to sleep, dine, and sit in the open. They have generators which help in supplying power to the houseboats. Once the boat house in Kerala is parked you can get down and enjoy sunset which is a beautiful scene. At night you can enjoy inside the houseboat. There is provision for television, satellite cable television, etc. You can even play CDs, DVD’s on the houseboat. Or you can just sit on the dock and enjoy the silence of the water. The houseboat is motorized and they move at a very languish pace.

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Live in a House Boat and Experience the Difference

Live in a House Boat and Experience the Difference

How many among you have ever stayed in a house boat? I am sure that when you see the house boats in the movies you definitely think of experiencing a stay in a house boat at least once. Your wish of staying in a house boat can come true. The only thing that you need to do is to come to Kerala for a tour. You can refer it to as a Kerala house boat tour.

There are numerous house boat tour packages that are being offered for the tourists. There are many houseboats in Kerala. You can select the houseboats in Kerala from the different tour packages that are available. If you are the only person who has come for the Kerala house boat tour then you can select the 1 bed house boat. The capacity of the house boats is up to 7 beds.

With these many house boats; one may think that there is never a shortage of houseboats in Kerala. But that is not true. The demand for the stay in house boats is increasing day by day and often there are many tourists who can not enjoy their stay. Hence, it will be advisable if you pre-book your boat house in Kerala. You can do it online.

The facilities of television, air conditioner, telephone etc. is being offered at these house boats. Care is taken so that there are not complaints regarding the services that are being offered at the house boats. The only motto is that the visitor must feel at home and satisfied with the services that are being provided. I think every person deserved one Kerala houseboat tour at least once in a lifetime. For more details visit