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Experience the simple joys of life amidst the delicate embrace of mists, enhanced by the pleasant harmony of singing birds. Green stretches of paddy fields surround the rustic charm of tiny islands fringed with long rows of swaying coconut trees, as time seems to stand still while you drift along. Our fleet of houseboats are in a luxurious class of their own. With cool air-conditioning even in the dining-room, yet fully glass-fronted to Offer the view in all its glory! Each houseboat has spacious rooms furnished in ethnic style that bespeaks higher levels of comfort.The elegant interiors are enhanced with impeccable luxuary and every modern amenity at the tip of one's finger.


Kathakali is the most popular sacred dance-drama of Kerela. Kathakali evolved across the last 400 years. This classical dance of Kerela requires lengthy and rigorous training to attain complete control of the body and a sensitivity to emotion so as to be able to render all its nuances through facial expressions and hand gestures.Kathakali explicates ideas and stories from the Indian epics and Puranas.Presented in the temple precincts after dusk falls Kathakali is heralded by the Kelikottu or the beating of drums in accompaniment of the Chengila (gong). The riches of a happy blending of colour, expressions, music, drama and dance is unparallelled in any other art form


Literally meaning the dance of the celestial enchantress, this sensual dance form of Kerela, contains elements of Bharathanatyam as well as the classical and folk dances of Kerela. Mohiniyattam is usually performed as a solo dance and is very lyrical in its rendering. Slow, graceful, swaying movements of the body and limbs and highly emotive eye and hand gestures are unique to this dance form. The simple, elegant gold-filigreed dress, in pure white or ivory, is akin to the traditional attire of the women of Kerala. The origin of Mohiniyattom is rooted in Hindu mythology. Once the ocean of milk was churned by the gods and demons to extract the elixir of life and immortality. The demons made away with this divine brew.Lord Vishnu came to the rescue of the panicky gods and assumed the female form of an amorous celestial dame Mohini. Captivating the demons with her charms, Mohini stole the elixir from them and restored it to the gods. This dance was adopted by the Devadasi or temple dancers, hence also the name 'Dasiattam' which was very popular during the Chera reign from 9th to 12th century.


Thullal is a classical solo dance form, of Kerela, which comes closer to contemporary life, and is marked for its simplicity, wit and humour. Staged during temple festivals, the performer explicates the verses through expressive gestures. The themes are based on mythology. This satiric art form was introduced in the18th century by the renowned poet Kunchan Nambiar The make up, though simple, is very much akin to that of Kathakali. The Thullal dancer is supported by a singer who repeats the verses and is accompanied by an orchestra of mridangam or thoppi maddalam (percussions) and cymbals. There are three related forms of Thullal - Ottanthullal , Seethankanthullal and Parayanthullal - of which the first is the most popular. The three are distinguished by the costumes worn and the metre of the verses

Good Kerala Deluxe Houseboats are the collectives of a wonderful home and a Deluxe boat. We will provide Kerala's tipical art forms in our house boats which reflects the Kerala culture.So while we have a voyage we can have our other activities like reading, playing or having food. Backwater trips may be the finest travel options to see the land entirely and that's why we offer the nicest voyages to our clients

Houseboat Itinerary and Policies

  • Check in 12 noon Check out 9.30 am
  • The 22 hours full day with overnight houseboat rates includes Lunch, Evening Tea/Coffee, Dinner, morning bed coffee and Breakfast with fixed menu only.
  • On Day 1 houseboat will be cruising through the lake from 12 noon to 5.30 pm and On Day 2 Houseboat will be cruising in the lake from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. Four to Five hours cruising through Kumarakom and Alleppey Backwaters, Midnight land Island, Fish Sanctuary, O'clock Chithira etc. in the houseboat.
  • Houseboat will be stationed in the bank of the lake on night time.
  • If the guest hire air condition houseboat then the a/c will be start operating from 7 pm to 7 am only or any guest need full time a/c then please take the booking as full time air condition houseboat and full time a/c houseboat rate will be different from above published rates.
  • The rate will be same as above published tariff for Check in at Kumarakom and check out at Kumarakom or check in at Alleppey and check out at Alleppey.
  • There will be a extra charge for check in at Kumarakom and check out at Alleppey or check in at Alleppey and check out Kumarakom.
  • The above Kerala houseboat tariff includes all taxes.

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