History of Houseboats Kerala!

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The House Boats in Kerala or the Kettuvallams (kettu means "tied with ropes", vallam means "boat") are large slow- moving floating structures with high load carrying capacity. Kettuvallams is a part of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage since centuries and was mainly used for transporting men and materials to different destination. It was the important mode of transportation in coastal Kerala mostly in remote areas. A standard house boat could be about 100 feet long and can hold up to 30 tons. However, as time passed, with people opting for speed, the Kettuvallams went off the scene and are now turned into the luxuary boats to promote tourism in the state.

More than 400 houseboats ply the Kerala Backwaters, of which 100 are well maintained and are actually luxuary liners. The houseboats in Kerala have all the comforts of a good hotel like well – furnished bedrooms, hygienic toilets, kitchen and even balcony.

Most of the luxuary houseboats in Kerala have been converted and renovated from cargo boats. They provide all the modern comforts and conveniences that the guests have come to appreciate. These boats are an excellent choice to travel all your way through the lakes, lagoons and canals and absorb all of Kerala natural beauty.

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