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Kerala village tours give tourists opportunities to feel the plain and simple atmosphere and explore the culture, tradition and lifestyle of villagers. On Kerala village tours, tourists will visit some of the popular villages such as Aranmula, Kalpathy, Thrithala, Tirunelli, Malampuzha and many other villages.

The calm and relaxed life at these Kerala villages will give a break from fast city life. People living in these Kerala villages are leading a simple life and are contented with all what they have got. Following the traditional values and patterns of life, these Kerala villages offer the charm of old era. Everything seems to be at standstill where one can surely cast everyday worries away.

Tours to Kerala villages will give a chance to visit the charming villages dotted with little streams, huts made of straw and rushes and architectural ornaments made of smooth fabric. Amidst floral gardens, the villages in Kerala tempt tourists to spend their holidays in the lap of nature and its greenery. Tours to villages of Kerala are perfect cross over from intense pace of life to calm and composed surroundings and laid-back life.

Some of the popular villages in Kerala are:

Aranmula Village:

Aranmula village in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala is a charming place has all the characteristics of rural Kerala. The craftsmen in Aranmula village of Kerala are engaged in traditional art and crafts like mural paintings, Arunmula Kannadi and boat building. This charming village is noted worldwide for the Aranmula Kannadi. In Malayalam, the word Kannadi means mirror. Made of bell metal, the metal mirror is a unique traditional craft. Aranmula is famous for its boat race which is held as a part of Onam celebration. Snake boat race is an integral part of the culture of this exotic land.

Kalpatty Village:

Kalpatty in Palakkad district is famous for the Viswanadha Swamy temple devoted to Lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest Shiva temples in Malabar region. The beautiful temple is situated on the mouth of the Bharathapuzha. Here the rituals are performed by Tamil Brahmins. Chariot Festival or Ratholsavam at Sri Viswanadha Swamy temple is the main festival celebrated in Kalpathy, which will be a week long in the month of November.

Malampuzha Village :

Malampuzha is one of the finest tourist destinations in Palakkad district. The major tourist attraction of Malampuzha Kerala is an irrigation dam established in 1955. Malampuzha Garden (also known as the Vrindavan of Kerala) features lush lawns, beautiful fountains, shining pools and colorful flower beds. The Reservoir & the Garden House attracts travelers to try their hands on boating, fishing and motorboat rides and other adventurous rides.

Thrithala Village:

Thrithala village in Kerala is an idyllic base to embark on a journey to explore the beautiful and archeological important site. Lying along the banks of Bharathapuzha, Thrithala village is located in Ottapalam taluk in Palakkad District of Kerala. Thrithala explores the history, culture and tradition of the region and gives an oppurtunity to discover the spirits of past era. his charming village is also noted for the traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

Thirunelli Village:

Tirunelli or Thirunelli is in Wayanad district. Nestled along the Western Ghats, this Kerala village is blessed with lilting palm trees, floral carpet and rubber, tea and coffee plantations. This charming place has taken its name from the 'nelli' fruits of Amla trees. The major attractions of Tirunelli or Thirunelli are the Tirunelli temple and the Papanasini River.


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