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The Kerala Backwaters are a chain of large lakes linked by canals lying parallel to the Arabian coast. The backwaters are formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low barrier islands across the mouths of the many rivers. It is a network of five huge lakes linked by both man made as well as natural lakes and are fed by more than 38 rivers in southern India. The Kerala Backwaters form an economical means of transport and have been used for centuries for fishing, agriculture. It has supported the local people to earn a livelihood and in recent times it is used for rice growing too. There are a large number of towns and cities that serve as the starting and ending points of these backwater cruises.

In earlier times, the backwaters served as the main means of transport for people and goods from one destination to another. As the technology advanced, the scenario changed and now the Kerala backwaters are just a part of promoting Kerala tourism.

Houseboat Holidays in Kerala

Kerala, otherwise called God's Own Country, is a standout amongst the most prevalent occasion goals and backwater tour packages in Asia. It draws vacationers from everywhere throughout the world. There are numerous choices to celebrate occasions in God's Own Country yet boat house in Kerala could be most intriguing and an exceptional lifetime experience. Houseboats in Kerala are coasting occasion homes over the peaceful water of grand backwaters. Backwaters here are a wide system of a few grand water figures like lakes, tidal ponds, channels, channels, waterways, deltas. The system unites different wonderful visitor spots of this beguiling and enrapturing state of India. At some point, this lovely state of India is tended to as the Venice of India. Interestingly, Venice is the place eminence is made by men and Kerala is the spot where nature principles.

Backwater tour packages For backwater tourism and backwater darlings, boat house in Kerala are fabulous and maybe the most suitable methods. Customarily called Kettuvallams, houseboats in Almighty’s Own place are colossal, moderate moving, striking vessels utilized for recreation outings. In aged times, kettuvallams were utilized to convey rice and flavors from Kuttanad to the Kochi Port. They were a helpful method for transportation in prior times.

Boat house in Kerala here are about 60 to 70 feet long and something like 15 feet wide at the center. Interestingly, houseboats are made up with reverberation inviting materials and no any single nail is utilized. Wooden boards are entwined by ropes of coconut fiber. Bamboo shafts and palm leaves are utilized for making tops of the houseboats. The outside of the houseboat is hued with defensive covers of oils of cashew nuts. There are three sorts of backwater tour packages accessible here to commend occasion in Kerala, God's Own Country.

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