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Looking for a one stop shop for your Kerala houseboats tour? Tired of searching on the internet? Do not want to hither and wither for enjoying each and every location of Kerala? Want a tour package provider that offers some excellent backwater tour packages that covers almost all favorite destinations of Kerala- Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Kollam?  Well, friends your wait is now over!


With their wide array of package tours and Kerala houseboat tours, the tour operator is committed to offer best services to its domestic and international clients. Must be thinking how do I know that?


Till last month I was also amongst you confused about where to go and how to proceed for my Kerala trip. But, thanks to my friend, he guided me and introduced me to All House Boats. Believe me they are excellent tour organizers and tour package providers. However, I would like to credit them for their large collection of traditional houseboats. What more unique, each of their boats says a story about that particular place. Like Alleppey houseboats tell that they are distinctly different from Kollam houseboats, while the modern Cochin houseboats say the same thing when they are compared with traditional looking Vaikom boats. Likewise, Kumarakom houseboats portray their story through their unique architecture and craftsmanship. Owning the antique designs of largest houseboats in Kerala, this is the tour provider that offers uncomplicated houseboat booking of houseboats in Kerala.


So, if you forgot to book your boat house in Kerala prior to your flight, then also it’s not a problem.  While carrying your laptop, you just need to switch on the internet and go to . Then go to their houseboats link. Click and choose your Alleppey houseboat cruise and in the houseboat booking section book it. Similarly, do for other houseboat packages. Simple!


Select from several houseboat packages including houseboat roundtrips, Honeymoon at houseboat, and houseboat luxury cruise and rejuvenate yourself. However, my favorite houseboat package was Family Get Together In Houseboat as this was the one which I availed with my family. But if you wish you can go for Houseboat with Jacuzzi or Group tour with DJ & Dance as these are some of their popular categories of houseboat tour!


Kerala is simply amazing!

Have you ever experienced the feel of Kerala? If not then plan your holiday trip this time to the wonderful city of God and live through the scenic beauty prevalent on our own piece of Earth!! But how would you proceed further? It does not mean that book your train or flight, pack your bags and just go. You first need to gain knowledge about the place you are going to visit. Knowing the famous tourist spots of the location well in advance definitely helps you in better and proper planning of your trip. Through this article, you will gain an insight of some good techniques to explore Kerala.

How to explore different places?

Though whole of Kerala is undoubtedly full of excursion thrill, but I know this is practically not feasible especially if you have limited time and money! So, now what would be suitable?

Take a tour of at least some of the popular destinations like Alleppey, Thekkady, Munnar, Kumarakom, Cochin and Trivandrum. These are on the list of most of the travel and tour providers, so you won’t face any problem. And the best way to explore their enchanting beauty could be to opt for houseboats tours of these places. But if you want to benefit from nice deals then select a nice backwater tour packages that suits your budget and convenience. However, if you do not like the customary Kerala houseboats tour packages, you and your family can always ask for customization. But while doing so, do not blindly follow suggestions of each and every member of your family. Rather focus on covering all hot destinations at the leisure of your time and comfort. Here is a list of some ways to explore the state.

As we all know Kerala backwaters are world famous, they should be on your top priority. With several houseboats providers in Kerala, you will never fall short of boating options. However, dont forget to take Alleppey houseboats tour, Kumarakom houseboats tour and houseboats tour at Munnar. If you online search for them, you will find some popular Alleppey houseboat providers that offer good discounts on houseboat booking in Kerala. Some of them even offer houseboat day cruise or houseboat overnight group cruise at much discounted prices. Choose one of the Kerala houseboats as your vehicle to delve into the diversity of the land. Moving up and down in the backwaters your boat house in Kerala will surely take you to different places.


Enjoy the holidays by staying in the houseboats in Kerala


Kerala is a great destination to spend holidays in a relaxing manner. This very location of southern India is famous for its nocturnal beauty that is not only popular to Indians but to people from abroad as well. For a long time, spending leisure in Kerala, by staying in houseboats has become a desired event to travelers. Before discussing about the Kerala houseboats, it is important to know a little about the background of these houseboats.



In local language, houseboats are known as “Kettuvallams” in Kerala. The houseboats actually represent the culture and heritage of Kerala which used to be the mode of transportation long back. Due to the development of technology, the other modes captured the transportation sector, though for this reason, the houseboats never turned obsolete. Now the Kerala houseboats have become one of the luxurious options to spend quality time in a relaxing manner. The tour planners play a huge role in creating these customer oriented tour packages. One such trusted name is



The whole of the tourism industry of Kerala relies majorly on the backwater tour packages. In this regard, the alleppey houseboats can be named. Kerala tour remains incomplete for one if he does not take a tour staying in a boathouse in Kerala. In the famous Vembanadu Lake, that is located alleppey district, a houseboat tour should never be missed by a tourist. The Kerala houseboat tour is often named as alleppey houseboats tour as people love to float on the lake of Alleppey. is one of the leading houseboats package providers in Kerala in South India.



The houseboats in Kerala  are really something to talk about. These are special transport vehicles that reminds of old times yet arranging the most luxurious treatments inside. Kerala houseboats are ideal for honeymoon tours as well as family tours. Special rooms inside the houseboats are made of woods and bamboos articulately. On board cooking also gets done by the tour providing groups using fresh fish from the backwaters.



Kerala houseboats  or Alleppey houseboat booking means relaxation being in a cruise by floating through serene back water canals and narrow water bodies while getting served with hot coffee or tea with snacks, lunch, and dinner. Enjoying the relaxing environment of Kerala by sitting on the houseboat deck is really an experience of a lifetime. The kumarakom houseboats should get a special mention in this course as they give chances to the travelers to enjoy the glimpse of kumarakom bird sanctuary while floating on the bosom of Vembanadu Lake that feels like the ultimate relaxation zone.



The houseboats by offer a splendid treat for the tourists wanting to spend quality time by the Backwaters in Kerala. Their website is a complete information base for the tourists who want to learn more about the various types of Houseboats in Kerala. You can easily take a virtual tour of their website to learn more about their packages and prices. Their detailed website gives a clear idea about the benefits and facillities you can enjoy during your stay at the houseboats in Kerala.



Thanks to their contact information, you can easily make your bookings online or over the phone and reserve your place for a heveanly houseboat trip in Kerala.


Enjoy holidays through grand way by staying in houseboats of Kerala


When life seems pale and senses feel pale, people think of spending a good time somewhere serene. Those who look for enjoying a quiet and refreshing vacation can opt for visiting Kerala. The place is a paradise to peace lovers. The natural beauty of Kerala is articulately designed by nature itself. The picturesque combination of water and greenery makes it a place that lets people breathe to regenerate their senses. The best way to enjoy Kerala is through houseboats that come in so many types and get hired for many occasions.


Boat house in Kerala


To spend the leisure in ultimate luxury, there is no alternate of boat houses that float on Kerala water surface. All the boat houses are the examples of supreme and articulate creation made of wood and bamboo. This eco friendly vehicle includes all latest and classy equipments inside, fixed to provide the travelers the ultimate luxury and comfort to suit their body and mind. The boats float through the beautiful watery passages from where the glimpse of local villages can be seen. Food and beverage, especially the local dishes get served to the travelers on board.


Houseboat booking Kerala


At the earlier period of transportation, the houseboats in Kerala used to be the only mode of transport on the water body for both human and luggage. These boats look different and they are actually different in many ways as there are multiple occasions that people keep in mind to hire one. Because of their huge demand, the houseboats are likely to be hired through online booking. All the reputed houseboat providing agencies based in Kerala serve their clients in first come first serve basis. The boats can be booked through the websites of the houseboat owning companies.


All Houseboats is one of the pioneering travel solution providers offering impressive houseboats packages for their clients coming to Kerala. They have houseboat packages for almost every occasion starting from honeymoon to official conferences. You name it and they have it. A trip to their website will amaze you about the wide variety of packages that you can enjoy with them.


Explore Kerala through luxurious Stays at Exotic Houseboats


Every year many people come to visit Kerala as the place is known to almost the whole world because of its natural beauty, culture and great cuisine. Almost every interesting side of Kerala can be explored through the houseboat rides. Houseboats have earned immense popularity in the whole tourism culture of this very location. People, who come to Kerala, never let a chance go of staying in houseboats.


Houseboats in Kerala


Obviously for spending holidays, houseboats get hired majorly. But there are many kinds of houseboats available in Kerala. According to their category people hire them for various occasions. These categories are honeymoon special houseboats, conference houseboats, houseboats with upper deck, houseboats with Jacuzzi. So, it won’t be an exaggeration if we state that for newly married couples Kerala is heaven as this quiet and calm location get a couple more closer to each other. Upscale corporate meetings and conferences are also common these days that held inside the house boats of Kerala. And the double decked Kerala houseboats are ideal to spend a perfect period of leisure with friends and family. Be it a broad water surface or narrow passage, a houseboat goes through all the interesting corners of Kerala.


Kerala houseboat tour


Apart from the natural beauty of the location, there are many interesting places in Kerala that people explore riding houseboats. Aruvikuzzhi waterfall, coffee and tea plantation, Meenachill River, spice plantation, ayurveda resorts and spa, kesari falls are the key attractions of Kerala. Famous dishes locally made by Kerala residents like sadya and many more also get served on board.


To get the true taste of Kerala culture and food on board, the luxurious Kerala houseboats can be hired through the websites of reputed houseboat owning agencies that are running their business for a long time there. All Houseboats is one such reputed tour accommodation solution provider, that features some of the most beautifully decorated and maintained houseboats that come with a huge number of modern facilities, that give you the feeling of living a lavishing dream.


A visit to their website will help you learn more about the various occasions and purposes when you can avail houseboats during your special Kerala trip.


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