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All House Boats is ready with special offers on all its packages. The specialized Houseboat Day Cruise @ 700 and Houseboat Overnight Group Cruise @1300 are some of its specialized Kerala houseboat tour packages.

To avail these offers the customer have to first fill in the inquiry form provided on the company’s online portal.  Offers are not only attached to a single tour package rather their reward can be obtained from a long list of backwater tour packages or houseboats cruises.


Special promotional packages are too are gaining esteem among all groups of people. Honeymoon special houseboat, Cruise on Vemband Lake, Houseboat roundtrips, Kerala Backwater Packages and Houseboat Regular Package are some offered under the category.


They facilitate their customers with multiple competitive quotes that can be obtained when they fill in the form to get tour quote. This enables them to get a free package inclusion too. The tour provider company offers a long list of Kerala houseboat tour with special discounts. These Kerala houseboats tour include Houseboat with Jacuzzi , Group tour with DJ & dance, Houseboat with Art shows, Family Get together, Ayurvedic Massage, Backwater Magic, Houseboat Long Cruises, Lunch Cruise in houseboat, Night in a houseboat, Honeymoon at houseboat, Houseboat cruise(luxury), Houseboat Rountrips, Houseboat and Resort, Business Meetings.  By owning Alleppey houseboats, Kumarakom houseboats, Kollam houseboats, and Cochin houseboats, the tour company is known for its distinguished presence in boat house of Kerala and other exotic locations of the country.


About the company:


Deriving its name from the popular Kerala word - ‘boats’; All House Boats is a subsidiary of Country Travel Mart Company. Established with aim of offering unforgettable experience of Kerala back waters, canals, beaches, Ayurveda, rice, and sea food, All House Boats has some of the rare houseboats in Kerala. With online houseboat booking in Kerala, the guests can enjoy several houseboat cruises. Equipped with modern amenities company lets their tourists visitors live through time while sailing in these traditional houseboats! Regular houseboat packages include Alleppey houseboat booking to Kumarakom along with others.After booking of tour packages, the tourists get an enriching experience of staying at authentic hotels in Allepey, Cochin, Munnar, Trivandrum, Marari and Kovalam.



Choose from a five different promotion packages.

All Houseboats has come up with over five special promotion packages this year.

  • First of this is Houseboat Regular Package. Details of which are as follows. It contains total of six sub-categories of packages; three of which are 3 Nights and 4 days packages. They include stay at Alleppey houseboats and Night stay at Kumarakom. Morning cruise of Vembanadu Lake, visit to Kumarakom bird sanctuary and drift wood museum is followed by overnight stay at resort. While the other two are 2 nights and 3 days packages that include stay at Alleppey backwater resort and Kumarakom Backwater Resort. The sixth one is a short 2 nights and one day stay at Alleppey houseboats and includes a visit to backwater resort at Alleppey
  • The second is the Exclusive Honeymoon Package. It includes 1 night and 2 days stay in houseboat. Honeymoon specials in the houseboat include welcome drink, flower bed decoration, special candle light dinner, Kerala Sadya in houseboat and special honeymoon cake
  • Third is the Cruise on Vembanadu Lake. This Kerala houseboat tour includes a boat house tour of Vembanad Kayal; the lake which is one of India’s largest and longest lake and is bordered by Alleppey, Ernakulum and Kottayam districts
  • Houseboat round trips are the fourth under this category of boat house tour in Kerala. They offer excellent way of exploring houseboats in Kerala's backwaters. Chinese fishing nets, coir villages, lush paddy fields, rustic homes and coconut groves are some of its attractions
  • The last but not the least is the Kerala Backwater Package that includes guided Kerala houseboat tour of Kerala backwaters. Stay at resort, traditional lunches and backrush lagoons are its attractions that have attributed to its popularity

About the company

All Houseboats is an online portal of Country Travel Mart Company. Through its Indian subsidiary the company caters to travel requirements of people who are willing to come to India. They specialize in Alleppey houseboat booking, Kerala backwater roundtrips, Special Honeymoon houseboat tours, Kumarakom houseboats and backwater tour packages. Through their history section, they have kept alive the traditional Barges called KETTUVALLOMS which have now almost disappeared from Kerala. Organized a Press Release at One of their Royal Houseboats to Patronize the Motto that Kerala houseboats are the ideal mode of relaxation is a leading Houseboats package provider for tourists in Kerala.

India, January 20, 2014 staying fixed at their motto of offering ultimate pleasure and relaxation organized their grand press release at one of their beautifully designed and gorgeously decorated Houseboats. Their CEO observed that the primary reason of organizing this press release is that they want to expand their clientele and make their existing clients aware of their grand services and the facilities that come with their services.


Kerala houseboats are locally known as Kettuvallams. Earlier the same boats used to be known as the transport vehicle which used to carry heavy weight things and people as well. But now the houseboats are famous as luxurious accommodation that give chances to the visitors to enjoy their holidays on the water body of serene lakes of Kerala that is totally nurtured by nature. The splendid boat house in Kerala according to the company management executives, make the cruises for their guests a treat to remember and live every moment of the trip.


It has become like a trend to spend the holidays in Kerala by staying in the houseboats in Kerala. The houseboats are mainly made by bamboo and wood and can be called a completely eco friendly vehicle. Though made wood and bamboo, the Kerala houseboats provide all the luxurious facilities that an A listed hotel provides. From luxuriously designed and relaxing accommodation to serving on board cooked fresh dishes are the main features of a boathouse in Kerala.


When someone searches about Kerala houseboat tour, it is likely for him to get fixed to alleppey houseboats along with Kumarakom houseboats. In both the cases of houseboats the main attraction is the Vembanadu Lake. The very lake is located alleppey district.


The Kerala houseboat tour commonly conducts the tour or cruise on the surface of Vembanadu Lake that allows the tourists to enjoy the Kumarakom bird sanctuary apart from the natural beauty of the surroundings. Their backwater tour packages include a huge number of benefits


Be it alleppey houseboat booking or any other houseboat booking Kerala houseboats arrange some special treats for their clients that are common and share the same features with each other. Almost all the Kerala houseboat tour packages serve their clients with the best luxury treatments possible. offering top quality services for their clients availing their cruises, features a website that offers complete range of information about their packages and facilities.


The houseboats mainly cruise through the narrow canals of Alleppey or Kumarakom. Bed tea or coffee with fixed menu breakfast starts the day in a good manner. After that come the lunch, evening tea or coffee, and dinner according to the fixed timings.


Kerala houseboat tour is not only limited to honeymoon couples or holiday spending families. As the houseboats are big enough and come with good arrangements, now days, corporate meetings also take place inside them. The company's management executives specified that presently the big businesses even avail their Houseboats for classy official conferences.


Because of the great popularity, of the backwater tour packages, the tour providers are gearing up to serve the tourists in better way. Perhaps this is the reason that there are some Kerala houseboats that has installed Jacuzzis inside the houseboats to provide the tourists with a great relaxing holiday experience that they will cherish forever. The company CEO concluded the conference as he asked the potential clients to go through their website to learn more about their exclusive packages and grand facilities.


Offering grand kettuvallom or houseboat tours in Kerala backwater destinations, All Houseboats organized a grand press release in a beautifully decorated houseboat from their collection.

 Offering unique experience of staying and touring the calming backwaters in Kerala, All Houseboats has a huge variety of packages for their valued guests coming to Kerala on vacations and official conferences.

Kerala, February 15, 2014


Starting the press release with information about the unique Kerala Kettuvalloms, their manufacturing process, materials used and maintenance processes, the company CEO stated that their sole aim is to gift the guests in Kerala with the fusion experience of touring and staying in the houseboats at the same time. Their exclusive and flexible backwater tour packages are designed in a manner as to help their clients get the best value for money and my make the most of their tour as well.


Touring in a boat house in Kerala, gives the tourists the pleasure and  comforts of staying in the houseboats itself. The company management stated that this is a wonderful experience for the guests who enjoy the luxury of waking up to calm and soothing mornings on the backwaters.  Ideal for occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, friendly outings, and formal conferences to name some.


In terms of houseboat booking Kerala has quite a few travel solution providers offering feasibly priced houseboat tour and accommodation packages for the tourists coming to Kerala on leisure or business tour purposes.


Speaking of their tour packages, the company CEO mentioned a grand stay and touring experience at their elegant and cozy Alleppey houseboats that are spacious and come with all amenities for a grand modern life.


For a grand stay at the Alleppey houseboats, one just needs to go ahead with a variety of Alleppey houseboat booking packages that are crafted meticulously to suit the varying needs and choices of the clients.


Lastly to conclude and summarize the whole  content of the press release, the company CEO stated that a visit to their website will give the clients a better idea about the other houseboat tour packages that they can avail from All Houseboats as they plans a vacation to Kerala backwaters this season.



Organizing an exploratory and interactive press release for their clients and business associates, All Houseboats clearly described their aim to expand their clientele in the world of Kerala tourism.

A leading package provider for Kerala houseboat tour packages, All Houseboats offers their clients with specialized touring and accommodation packages in the peaceful Kerala backwaters.

Kerala, February 15, 2014


Loaded with a host of new featutes and packages, All Houseboats is a big time specialist in creating personalized houseboat tour packages and backwater tour packages. The company CEO stating the specialties of their houseboat tour packages categorically mentioned that their sole purpose of organizing this press release was to increase their clientele into a sizeable proportion.


This press release was specifically organized in one of their best houseboats or kettuvalloms, to give the guests and impression of the facilities they are going to enjoy when they avail their unique Kerala houseboat packages. Assuring their guests about the proper manufacturing processes and quality maintenance process that keeps the boats in good condition for a longer time to come. Their beautiful and spacious houseboats with a huge number of other facilities make for ideal tour platform for the guests availing their packages like the Alleppey houseboats and the Kumarakom houseboats to name some.


Speaking of their unique touring ideas, the company CEO, said that their plans is to offer a memorable vacationing experience to the tourists who can enjoy touring and staying in the houseboats at the same time. The pristine beauty and calming ambiance of the backwaters provide the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon, a peaceful official conference and roaring friendly parties.


A Kerala houseboat tour with All Houseboats is an experience to remember and revisit even after the tour is over. The splendid houseboats in Kerala are designed and decorated to suit the modern living standards and with the host of exclusive facilities, the guests are sure to feel perfectly at home.


The exotic Kerala houseboats packages by All Houseboats offer the complete recipe for relaxation and romance with the nature as one gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to savor the beauty and peace emanated by the sprawling backwaters in Kerala.

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